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We offer a wide variety of exciting internships, apprenticeships
and professions. Unsolicited applications are also welcome.

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A variety of exciting internships, apprenticeships and careers at our headquarters in Endingen. Unsolicited applications are also welcome.


We are not a fan of a rigid chain of command. The best work only comes about when everyone has the opportunity to contribute. It doesn't matter if you're a trainee, a shift supervisor or a project manager. Every opinion counts and flows into the decision-making process.


Only those who are constantly developing can be at the top of their game. That's why we offer all our employees an extensive range of training opportunities and regular discussions on future prospects, in which we shape your future together.


We are team players. Only together can we achieve the best product for our customers. We are firmly convinced of this. To keep it that way, there are many team events, joint sports sessions in our own fitness room or barbecue evenings on our terrace.

working hours

We pay attention to regular working hours and still offer flexible working time models. Together we pay attention to a healthy work-life balance.

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31. Dec 2020


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Five questions for Stefan Vollherbst

What are your company values?

We’re guided by a single goal: Excellence. We want the best for our clients. Our employees are driven by the same ambition and strive for perfection. They’re open to the world and curious. We like smart people with their own ideas. They enrich our team.

When selecting applicants what are the most important considerations?

Our employees must enjoy their work. We set certain parameters but we want to keep the applicant profile flexible. We ask two questions: What skills do they bring to the table? And will they fit in?

What are some of the specific attributes you look for in applicants?

A company should always be agile and flexible. Markets change. If we get an unsolicited application and we think the person will fit in, we’ll sometimes create a new position. It’s about being authentic and expressing ideas. It’s about rolling up our sleeves and having fun doing it. This applies to both employees and management.

Do your employees live in the region?

Most of our team members live in or near Endingen or in nearby Freiburg. Some also come from the neighbouring Alsace region in France. We’re in the growing Baden region where the borders of Germany, France and Switzerland intersect which is exciting for our sales structure. People in the Baden region also enjoy an excellent quality of life.

How do you build team spirit?

We work hard to make excellent projects happen, but we also enjoy celebrating and relaxing. The feel-good factor is important to us. During our breaks we play table soccer, and we also have game consoles and sports equipment. We want our team members to feel appreciated. It’s often the little things that count. For instance, when someone marks a milestone at the company, we celebrate it by giving them a day off and a bottle of wine with their name on it.

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Do you still have questions about one of the job offers or would you like to apply on your own initiative? Please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you.