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09. Mar 2024



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Social trends determine consumption, also in the wine trade and with wine packaging in particular. Customers don’t buy just any product; they buy products with which they identify. And that’s where differentiation comes in. But differentiating your products from those of your rivals only succeeds with holistic marketing strategies and innovative packaging solutions. Online wine retailer Hawesko, for example, relies on Vollherbst’s thermal technology to give its Fleur de Fruit wine an edge, while South African wine and gin producer Mosi uses the Vollherbst augmented reality app, LABELinmotion, to make its products stand out in a crowded field.

Why differentiation makes sense

The wine market is highly competitive and space on store shelves is limited. If you want your wine bottles to stand out you have to come up with something special and while chasing trends may result in small successes, there’s no long-term benefit.

Customers buy brands with which they can identify. And they’re willing to pay more for these brands. More and more wineries are focusing on special edition or flagship wines. These small-batch premium products may be costly to produce and market, but the investment pays off in the medium and long term as the products attract attention and enhance the overall product selection

Thermal technology

Hawesko is increasingly focusing on differentiation for its private labels. Germany generally lags behind other wine-producing countries when it comes to product individualisation, says Felix Frommherz, who’s responsible for exclusive brands at Hawesko. “That’s why we’ve taken advantage of the successful special editions marketing concept used in America and tried it out in the wine sector with great effect.”
For its young brand Fleur de Fruit, Hawesko collaborated with Vollherbst to incorporate thermal technology in the wine’s label. When does Fleur de Fruit reach the perfect drinking temperature? When the blossoms on the label change colour! The concept is not only ingenious, it differentiates Fleur de Fruit from other wines on the shelf. “Individual labels are a brand strategy tool at Hawesko,” Felix says. “The Vollherbst team is always open to new ideas and worked with us to develop the Fleur de Fruit label. The result is an extremely successful private label.”


Agumented Reality for “the smoke that thunders”

Augmented reality

Vollherbst’s LABELinmotion app brings labels to life with augmented reality (AR). It allows a label to digitally tell a wine’s story. A built-in QR code on the label takes customers to the virtual story. It can be a link to a YouTube video where the winemaker explains how the wine is made. Or it can be an exciting virtual trip to the Victoria Falls in Southern Africa.

Expert sommelier and winemaker Joseph Dhafana’s premium wine and gin brand Mosi is an abbreviation for Mosi-oa-Tunya or “the smoke that thunders”, the local name for the Victoria Falls. The Unesco World Heritage site is featured on Mosi labels and the beautiful design is transformed into dramatic waterfall animations using the LABELinmotion smartphone app.

Download the app LABELinmotion:

LabelinMotion LabelinMotion | Augmented Reality LabelinMotion | Augmented Reality LabelinMotion | Augmented Reality


The main topic is the continuing megatrend of individualisation and hypercustomisation to create unique products. The individualisation of packaging, along with the creative implementation of a brand’s essence and story, creates experiences with the brand and product, resulting in sustainable customer loyalty and a high degree of differentiation. Our consumers use all their senses to perceive something, which increases the emotional value they attach to an otherwise rationally perceived product. By highlighting personality and individuality, we provide consumers with unique products to choose from on the shelf.

"INCREASE THE PRODUCT VALUE through emotion. The feeling of holding something unique in your hand is indescribable."


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