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Theresa Morand


09. Mar 2024



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The craftLABEL is an original Vollherbst development. We can now incorporate natural materials, metal particles or flavours into your labels. From loess and slate from the vineyard to the turf from a championship football field, there are no limits to the imagination. That's how you tell stories about origin today: not only visibly, but also tangibly to add to your unique product’s authenticity and make it stand out in a highly competitive market.

The idea: Making history come alive

Wines, distillates and delicacies from family businesses and innovative companies are not mass-produced industrial goods, but creative craft products with origin. Products such as wine and honey each has its own story. But how do you convey that on the label? How do you show authenticity and origin? Vollherbst has developed a special kind of storytelling with its craftLABEL. The word “craft” is associated with “hand-crafted” and the word “label” with the brand.

craftLABEL – Die Herkunft im Etikett craftLABEL – Die Herkunft im Etikett craftLABEL – Die Herkunft im Etikett craftLABEL – Die Herkunft im Etikett craftLABEL – Die Herkunft im Etikett craftLABEL – Die Herkunft im Etikett

The back story: Give consumers something special

We developed the craftLABEL after closely studying the specialised consumer market for wine and other goods that provide sensory pleasure. Winemakers and distillers face tough competition, both at home and abroad. It’s increasingly difficult to differentiate your product at the point of sale. Our craftLABEL makes your product stand out from the crowd, while being on trend when it comes to the demand for all things handmade.

It's a pity that
you can't caress a wine.

– Kurt Tocholsky

It’s about the real, the tangible, the unmistakable. Customers want to feel and experience a product. As author Kurt Tucholsky once lamented, “It's a pity that you can't caress a wine.” That was before the craftLABEL from Vollherbst.

The project: Terroir in the label

Winery Karl Veit/Mosel – craftLABEL Schiefer
Winery Karl Veit/Mosel – craftLABEL Schiefer

We use a special process to incorporate the desired materials such as pulverised loess and slate soil from the vineyard into your label. For winemakers, the soil is one of the most valuable elements of their craft. It has a decisive influence on their wine. With a craftLABEL wine drinkers can now literally feel the rock particles from the vineyard, adding yet another authentic detail to your unique product’s story.

See case study of Winery Karl Veit

craftLABEL with bronze dust craftLABEL with sand from the savannah craftLABEL with metal particles craftLABEL with bronze dust craftLABEL with sand from the savannah craftLABEL with metal particles

The possibilities: Our imagination knows no bounds

We’ve worked on wide-ranging projects. We’ve imprinted sand from the African savannah onto labels and finished them with metal particles such as bronze dust. We’ve immortalised the turf from a championship football field on a champagne bottle label. We’ve incorporated particles from granite barrels winemaker use to ferment and age their wines on the labels. We can even add a scent to your strawberry sparkling wine label.

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The production: Preparation in the print and labelling company

Hours of testing go into perfecting a craftLABEL. The mixing ratio between the particles and coating must be accurate. The transparency must be just right so the particles are visible and the label’s strength must be guaranteed. Only then are the particles applied to the paper using state-of-the-art technology. The process works with conventional printing processes, making reproductions in large runs possible.


you gladly

Do you want your own craftLABEL? Ideas for craftLABELs can be combined with many different types of paper, colors and styles. Each craftLABEL is unique. We will be happy to advise you.

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